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25 Sep. Sunday                                          Madrid Restobar


Bayraq Meydanı

Tofiq Jabbarov - percussions

Nicat Aslanov - piano

Aydin Zeydullayev - saxophone

Nicat Pashazade - bass

Hasan Bilalov - drums

In 1981, I was a percussionist of the Qaya State Orchestra. It was only in 1986 that I made it into Rafig Baba- yev's band. Undoubtedly these years can be called iconic for my musical career. I worked with Babayev for eight years and those were the brigh-test years of our youth. Rafig always guided us in the right direc- tion, developed good taste, brought in records that he recommended to everyone. I gained a lot of experence while on his team.

We toured in more than 30 coun- tries and participated in many inter- national jazz festivals. I became the producer of the six drummer festi- vals organised in Baku. At the end of 2013, I released my first solo album called Peninsula.

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