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28 Sep. Wednesday                                            Enerji Club


Bayraq Meydanı

Michael Schiefel - vocal

Kaan Bıyıkoğlu - piano

Apostolos Sideris - bass

Ekin Cengizkan - drums

Inspired by a desire to join the emerging post-Wall jazz scene, Michael Schiefel moved to Berlin in the early 1990s to study at the city’s renowned University of the Arts. Since then,

he has dazzled his fans at home and abroad with an array of solo and band projects that have yielded a dozen albums over the past decade.


To date, Michael has released four solo albums. His first work, Invisible Loop (1997), was hailed as one of the most promising debut albums of the decade; while his second release—

a more introspective album entitled I Don’t Belong (2001)—met with equally critical acclaim. Michael’s latest solo albums,

Don’t Touch My Animals and My Home Is My Tent came out in 2006 and 2010. The albums feature songs about love and life in the big city and travelling between the continents.

In addition to his solo performances, Michael collaborates with many other musicians on a wide range of projects. But no matter what genre he sings—be it funk and pop with JazzIndeed, classical-inspired big band with Thaerichen’s Tentett, modern jazz with David Friedman, or the Platypus Trio featuring Hungarian cymbalom virtuoso Miklos Lukacs —Michael’s multifaceted voice receives consistently high praise from audiences and critics alike.


In 2001, Michael joined the faculty of the Franz Liszt Conservatory in Weimar as a Professor of Vocal Jazz, thereby becoming the youngest music professor in Germany.

In addition to playing at numerous festivals and teaching master classes throughout Europe, he has also performed as a guest artist of the Goethe Institute throughout

the World.

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