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28 Sep. Wednesday                                              Madrid   


Bayraq Meydanı

Fulvio Sigurta - trumpet

Federico Casagrande - guitar

Luca Fattorini - double bass

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Paris based jazz guitarist Federico Casagrande started in early age the study of classical music in Italy. In 2003 he moved on a scholarship to Boston, U.s.a., where he attended the Berklee College of Music and graduated summa cum laude in 2006. He studied with Giampaolo Gobbo, Sandro Gibellini, Tommaso Lama, Dave Tronzo, Mick Goodrick, Rick Peckham, Greg Hopkins, Jeff Galindo, Garrison Fewell, Dave Santoro, Hal Crook, Ed Tomassi. In 2007 he won the first prize at the Gibson Montreux Jazz Festival Guitar Competition with George Benson president of the jury. He released 11 records as leader or co-leader. He performed in Italy, U.S.A., Canada, Denmark, Austria, Estland, Latvia, Portugal, Switzerland, France, U.K., China, Taiwan, South Korea, Belgium, Ukraina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Germany. 

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