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26 Sep. Monday                                           Enerji Club                                          Bayraq Meydanı


Arslan Novrasli - tar

Nijat Aslanov - piano

Ruslan Huseynov - bass

Elvin Bashirov - drums


The tar virtuoso Arslan Novrasli devoted his career to his instrument versatility demonstrating. He applies all the genres of music: the classical one, jazz, folk music etc.

From 2006 to 2022 he participates at the Festivals in different foreign countries, also he performed a lot of “Tar projects” solo. Last of them: International Mugham Festival (Azerbaijan, 2014), Azerbaijan Music Festival (Turkey, 2018), “The Discovering of the tar by Arslan Novrasli” (United Kingdom, 2014), Solo concert

with Ethno Jazz Band (Switzerland, 2018, 2019), Solo project - Dubai Expo 2022, charity concert “The Voice of Orchid” (USA, 2022), V Khari Bulbul Festival (Azerbaijan, Shusha, 2022), Vll Hungarian –Turan Festival (Hungary, 2022) and etc. Arslan Novrasli is the first musician who plays the tar, performing harmonic jazz standarts. He repeatedly demonstrated new experiments in his music, synthesizing jazz with mugham, playing jazz compositions, classical traditional pieces, pop music, classical and national samples of the world.


He demonstrated his talent with well known musicians such as: Joan Rodgers C.B., Burçin Savigne, Andrea Bocelli, Jeffrey Lloyd-Roberts, Shlomo Mintz etc. in jazz bands and symphonic orchestras in many foreign countries:

Arslan Novrasli performed many times at the Baku Jazz Festivals from 2007 to 2021.

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