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The terms of participation: 

1. The participant can take part in any age

2. The days of Baku Jazz Festival is intended for musicians performing jazz, blues, world music, ethno-jazz 

3. The participant may not have a higher or music education 

4. The participant must prepare a program according to the requirements of the festival 

5. The participant must participate in all activities related to the concert, not be late and behave in accordance of the rules of ethics 

6. The participant’s dress code must comply with stage form 

7. Baku Jazz Festival doesn’t pay musicians' fees for participating in the festival 

8. Baku Jazz Festival undertakes to provide the collective with a stage, musical equipment and musical instruments. 

9. The participants will receive the right to participate in the Baku Jazz Festival 2019 visit all concerts, master classes and other

events of the festival.

For each showcase module, bands are selected by panels of experts. A list of all jury members according to the different showcase modules can be found after the announcement of the selected bands from June 2019 at

All participating musicians of the selected bands will receive badges that entitle them to free entrance to jazzahead!’s official program from 25 - 28 April 2019 (incl. exhibition, concerts, conferences etc.).

All participating bands commit to using only the available backline and PA. Standard backline will be provided, taking into account the submitted technical riders and specific requirements after approval of jazzahead!’s managing technical engineer.

The application form and information material (band information, press material and audio/video files) must be provided via the online application system on THE LATEST by November 22nd, 2018. Please note that it is very helpful for the juries to listen to the different band applications step by step. So the earlier the applications come in the better it is. Incomplete applications will not be taken into consideration.


The applicants (exhibiting labels, agencies, artists’ associations, export offices, musicians, or other) are responsible for organizing and financing the arrival and departure of their artists/bands, their accommodation and bear any additional costs.

We strongly encourage all showcasing artists/bands to look for support and to apply for funding at the relevant institutions in their respective home countries.

Costs for professional technical equipment, premises, professional video recording, promotion within the national and international media and press campaign of jazzahead! (download compilations, program brochure & flyer, GUIDE, internet, social media and press) and catering on location on the day of the performance are covered by jazzahead! and their collaborating partners.

The applicant agrees with the application that jazzahead! and its radio and production partners are authorized to present or have presented the concert recordings by public ! and private broadcasting companies, to broadcast or have broadcasted the same via cable or satellite or other transmission facilities, or to distribute and to make them available in digital form or analogue form by any other means.

The applicant agrees with the application that jazzahead! is authorized to use the provided press material, photos and audio files free of charge for their marketing and PR campaign incl. all print media, internet services and social media portals worldwide.

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