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Oddgeir Berg (NO) piano, keys

Audun Ramo (NO) double bass

Lars Berntsen (NO) drums


19:00 UN 1906

OBT - pressephoto by Jonas Kiste.jpg

If previous Oddgeir Berg Trio albums made you think of ECM, the new one carves out a more personal sound. Much of this sonic signature came about in post-production. Berg remembers the process as one of careful touches: "To me, it feels like an evolving landscape. I have quite a few synths and effect pedals in my locker, but I try not to overdo things. I always ask myself: Does this add a new and beneficial dimension to the mix - or is it too much?"


Of course, neither he nor his collaborators Karl-Joakim Wisløff (bass) and Lars Berntsen (drums) can deny their Nordic nature. And so, towards the end of the album, the tune “Bring on the Night” again descends into darkness. Perhaps an album which is also about waiting for a pandemic to end had to. But in conceptual terms, this, too, is where the circle closes – now, you can put on Before Dawn and simply continue listening.

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