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Rauf Aliyev

Charmain of Baku Jazz Competition

"I am Jazzman" 

President of A+A group of company


Rain Sultanov

Founder & Art Director of Festival 

Honored Artist of the Republic

of Azerbaijan


Leyla Efendiyeva

Festival Director

Editor in Chief of Jazz Dünyasi


Dear Friends!


Baku Jazz Festival has already taken it is niche in cultural life of our country. First of all, Baku Jazz Festival gives a great opportunity to strengthen and broaden cultural contributions between countries, as well as to search for cultural heritage of the countries worldwide.


Furthermore, Baku Jazz Festival strives for preservation and continuation of Azeri jazz history that was founded by the prominent figures of the twentieth century. News generation has to know and remember our great musicians, to take on their undertakings, to enrich and strengthen culture of Azerbaijan, and to do their best in glorifying the name of our country.


Such a vast and versatile cultural event as Baku Jazz Festival aims exactly the same direction and brings together historical, national, musical and educational aspects of our life.







Baku Jazz Festival has been held since 2005 and has proved itself as one of the biggest event of the capital for more than a decade. Baku Jazz Festival and related advertisement are broadcasted in Euronews TV channel.

In 2006, it was included in the list of the biggest jazz festivals of the world. Since 2017 Baku Jazz Festival is a joins the Europe Jazz Network


Since 2018 Baku Jazz Festival is a member of UNESCO International Jazz day celebration.

Hence, we are thankful to the bodies of government, companies, as well as all individuals that support us and help in festival organization of such a broad scale.


Leyla Efendiyeva

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