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26 Sep. Monday                                               Enerji Club 


Bayraq Meydanı

Bendik Hofseth - tenor saxophone, vocal

Eivind Aarset - guitars

Helge Iberg - piano

Mats Eilertsen - double bass

Karl Oluf Wennergre  - Drums

Bendik Hofseth and his band released 4 albums during Covid. The 4 albums belong in the same project: Forest. 3 of these albums have been released in digital format: “Roots”, “Trunks” and “Branches”. The last album “Pollen and Leaves” will be released digitally in Octobre 2022. The final box with physical copies will be ready in the beginning of 2023. 

The band consists of musicians that have performed together over many years: Guitar player Eivind Aarset has been a collaborator since 1985 and played a crucial part in the first phase of recordings from 1991 (“IX”) and onwards. Helge Iberg has also been performing together with Bendik since the 1990s and contributed strongly on the acclaimed “Plantes, Rivers and IKEA” from 1995. Bassplayer Mats Eilertsen joined the group with the recording of “Itaka” from 2005 and Per Oddvar Johansen took over as a drummer when Paolo Vinaccia passed away some years ago. 

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