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29 Sep. Thursday                             Club                     Old City


Yogev Shetrit - drums

Moshe Elmakias - piano

Avri Borochov - bass

Edgar Duvivier and Dami Andres are virtuose musicians from South America. They both have very successful musical careers as performers and composers. Together since 2018, they perform in a duo formation that goes easily from classical to popular, from Latin to Jazz, presenting the most representative musical compositions from Latin America. Latin music is marked by the great mixture of cultures that make up the population of the South American continent. The show by Edgar Duvivier and Dami Andres travels in time and space through melodies and rhythms of Argentine, Brazilian, Caribbean and Mexico origin that makes an incredible rich music, appreciated all over the world. The duo is characterized by its virtuosity - Duvivier on saxophone/clarinet and Andres on his amazing 8-string guitar - show surprising arrangements to well known songs and spectacular new compositions that is bound to please the whole public.

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