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Leonhard Skorupa (AT) saxophone, composition

Andi Tausch (AT) guitar
Daniel Moser (AT) bass clarinet, FX
Hubert Bründlmayer (AT) drums

sketchbook quartet-pressphoto2-landscape_(c)BoraKoc_edited.jpg


21:00 UN 1906

Leonhard Skorupa somehow manages to leave his mark on every band he’s a part of. The Vienna saxophonist and clarinetist has a penchant for surprise and wry humor; he’s anything but a wet blanket. His Sketchbook Quartet is marked by a lively, contemporary sound – rooted in the jazz tradition, to be sure, but the band has no problem integrating influences from musical styles, ranging from straight-ahead jazz to surf rock.

The music of this refreshingly unconventional quartet could almost pass for chamber jazz – if it weren’t for the strong syncopated rhythms and the undertone of uninhibited rock-and-roll. In any case, the Sketchbook Quartet is partially responsible for the growing self-confidence of the Austrian jazz scene in recent years, as well as for its international mobility and popularity. The band can be counted on to deliver a fresh, vibrating sound, celebrating a quintessentially modern, joyful, prickly eclecticism.

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