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Alon Farber (IL) soprano & alto sax

Eden Giat (IL) piano

Assaf Hakimi (IL) bass

Roy Oliel (IL) drums




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HAGIGA_ZWECKER   (412).jpg

Hagiga in Hebrew means “celebration” and in our music we celebrate the cultural divergence of our Israeli heritage. "Alon Farber Hagiga quartet " is inspired by the variety of musical flavors and colors of the “Israeli soundtrack”. Our compositions cross musical genres influenced by Swing, Israeli folk, Arab and Brazilian backgrounds. It is this unique "celebration” of original Israeli jazz that is Hagiga. 

Hagiga was founded in 2001 by Alon Farber and has released 4 albums. In 2021 "Hagiga" released its 4th album "Reflecting on Freedom" on Origin Records (Seattle). Barry Davis, Jerusalem Post and former Downbeat contributor wrote "Alon Farber Hagiga has been at the forefront of that miraculous envelope pushing curve for some years now". International saxophonist Eli Degibri wrote: "Taking their time, the band captivates the listener through a deliberate, interesting and wondrous journey."

Hagiga has been performing at both local and international jazz festivals and venues. We’ve just played (on June 2023) with Dave Douglas (trp) in Jerusalem International Jazz festival. In addition, we played in Paris Jazz festival, Copenhagen Jazz festival, OCT-LOFT festival (Shenzhen, China) Red Sea Jazz festivals, The B-flat (Berlin) and many more

Over the years Hagiga has collaborated with amazingly talented and important artists such as Omri Mor, Eli Degibri, Anat Cohen, Avishai Cohen (trp), Gadi Lehavi, Tomer Bar, Omer Klein, Amit Friedman and more. 

Alon Farber, band leader, studied Jazz composition in Berklee College of music, Boston, and was awarded the Israeli Prime Minister Award for Jazz composers (2016) and the Wayne Shorter Award for composers (1998). He is one of the founders of the "Israeli Jazz Orchestra" were he takes both roles of the lead saxophone and an associate arranger and composer

"No other way to put it: The Alon Farber Hagiga Sextet is a fantastic find!" (Jay Deshpande,

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