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Baku Jazz Festival 2022

Limited wine of Azerbaijan


Specially released for Baku Jazz Festival 2022 by AZ GRANATA company. This harvest was collected in 2021 from the Tugh zone of Karabakh liberated from Armenian aggressors.

This piece of land is a curiosity, with rich minerality and concentrated sunlight producing wines that can be very original.



Baku Jazz Festival 2016

Limited collection of Azerbaijan’s wineries


From the north shore of the Absheron peninsular to the Russian border at the Samur River lies a narrow strip of coastal plain from which rises the ‘nose’ of the Greater Caucasus mountains. Historically the route of traders and invaders, these lands were guarded by three fortified pinch-points with fortresses whose ruins still create impressive scenes for travellers. As a wine terroir, the land is a curiosity, with a rich minerality, swirling khazri sea breezes and concentrated sunshine producing wines that can be explosively fiery and highly original.

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