Limited collection of Azerbaijan’s wineries


From the north shore of the Absheron peninsular to the Russian border at the Samur River lies a narrow strip of coastal plain from which rises the ‘nose’ of the Greater Caucasus mountains. Historically the route of traders and invaders, these lands were guarded by three fortified pinch-points with fortresses whose ruins still create impressive scenes for travellers. As a wine terroir, the land is a curiosity, with a rich minerality, swirling khazri sea breezes and concentrated sunshine producing wines that can be explosively fiery and highly original.



Baku Jazz Festival 2016

Baku Jazz Festival - Staff

Andrzej Jankowski - Attache at Poland Embassy in Azerbaijan



Sabina Shikhlinskaya - painter 

Eran Muduroglu - General Manager of LandMark 

Axel Wech - Austria Ambassador in Azerbaijan     



Vladimir Dorohin - Russia Ambassador in Azerbaijan

Elmar Seyidov - Manager of Fireland Vineyards